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I've been an adult and child psychologist for thirty-two years. People come to see me for answers. Over the years, I’ve discovered that people want quick answers. In the last several years I’ve discovered people even don’t want to spend time reading self-help books. I’m told they’re too long.

Instead, clients said they wanted to-the-point "how to" ebooks on specific psychology subjects.They wanted information to be inexpensive and easy to obtain, as in a downloadable manuscript. They wanted explanations, techniques and tools that are easy to understand that would quickly solve behavior problems. Most of my clients wished they could read something, fix their problems and avoid therapy. (If you need therapy, these ebooks will tell you, and also tell you what to ask prospective therapists to make sure they know their stuff...)

Clients, and just about everyone else provided a long list of potential subjects. So, I began writing. So far, I've written nineteen ebooks, including one that is FREE, one that is drastically price-reduced (one by another author), and three that have been translated into SPANISH on the subjects that most frequently come up in my outpatient practice. These are very popular subjects, or I should say, frequent problems seen in my office. But these kinds of problems pop up everywhere in real life, not just in my practice. I've listed them below in the order I wrote them, starting with How To Diagnose and Treat Your Anxiety, then Changing Children's Behavior (Quickly), The Five Steps of Assertiveness (+), The Four Powers of Self-Esteem, Why Relationships Fail, Kids and Divorce, Child Visitation and the Formation of Self-Esteem, Anger Management Types I and II, Changing Teenager's Behavior, The Psychology of Procratination, The Psychology of Guilt, Weight Loss (The Real Deal), The Psychology of Forgiveness, How To Assess and Treat ADHD (Children and Adults), The Psychology of Addictions and my latest and last ebook, How To Diagnose and Treat Mood Disorders. I've included one from another source, that is on a subject that I also am asked about quite a bit, but just didn't get around to dealing with completely. This one is called, Stress: Appraisal and Coping. The tools and techniques I've developed over the last 32 years are creating real breakthroughs in reducing symptoms, in or out of my office.

Each ebook is pithy (full of “substance”) but not lengthy (with the exception of the ADHD and Addictions ebooks). Each is to the point, not too technical and written in everyday language. Some have charts, others have self-rating scales for do-it-yourself types. Each is easy to understand and has the latest research, which represents the current standards of care. All the ebooks have treatment strategies--things you can do that work, often immediately.

If you click on any title just below, you will be linked to my website where you can get more information about each ebook and download it. Click on the title for more information.


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  Children's Behavior  

children fighting
  Kids and Divorce

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Anger Management

Anger Management

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