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Relationship Compatibility Survey



Not in a relationship?   Want to find out your strengths and what to look for in someone who is a potential partner?

Already in a relationship?   Want to find out its strengths?   Want to find out how it works?  (Or, doesn't?)  

I have a new relationship survey.   It's for people interested in being in a GOOD relationship.   Singles are seeking one and couples are maintaining theirs.

The goal of this survey is to help everyone identify the many factors that make relationships work. 

I work with couples (or other configurations) every night, helping to strengthen their relationships.   It occurred to me to short-cut the process by understanding what each person brings to the relationship--their strengths mostly, but also paying attention to anything that might be strengthened.   I developed an inventory of traits that successful relationships embody, and then a survey to measure them.   Everyone has some amount of these traits.

Couples wrestle with each person having different amounts of each.   Singles need to know what their strengths are, and equally importantly, what their potential partners have.   My proprietary survey measures these traits, derived from thirty-two years of working with couples as an outpatient psychologist.

The ultimate goal is to use this survey to build a dating site, so people can find out their strengths, hence their compatibilities before embarking on the long phase of really finding out about each other.   If you already are in a relationship, you've already done some, maybe a lot of this work.  If you are not in a relationship and just want to look at what the survey assesses, and only for yourself, that's OK.    It will give you a BIG heads up--a HUGE advantage on what factors to look for in a mate when you are ready--when you bump into that special person. (Chance favors the prepared mind...)

Take the survey.   Because you are doing me a big favor, it's FREE.   I'm gathering data and need 300 people to take the survey before launching a dating service that will use this survey as the main compatibility engine.  

Here's what you get:

FREE relationship survey for you.  Take the survey to find out your strengths.   If you already have a partner and they want to take the survey separately, that's OK.   You can compare scores and heighten compatibility.   If you want to find out your strengths and your partner doesn't, that's OK, too.

In all cases, follow the link at the bottom of this page to find the survey.  

After you finish, automatically I send you an email that has all of the questions and your answers, plus download links to three PDF files that tell you the names of the scales, the questions for each scale and how to interpret your answers..   I don't see your individual data, as it is sent automatically and instantly after you complete the survey. And, there are no right or wrong answers.

The fourth PDF file is a FREE ebook on relationships, written by me, explaining THE six major traits/skills/aspects needed to succeed.   The ebook also describes six of the actual traits measured in the survey, plus five or so aspects that cause relationships to fail. This is my thank you to you for helping me get this project off the ground.   

I don't need your real name, but if you want all this, you do have to give me an actual email address. I don't sell it or do anything bad with it, and you won't be spammed in the future.

There is no cost, and this information is offered to all adults--NO restrictions, NO conditions. Here's the link to this FREE survey: